Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Stuff

Festivals, soccer games, visits, costume making, started a new sweater, treat bags, more soap, marching band, practicing for tournament, my brother's birthday, regular walks with the dogs- fascinating isn't it?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Get to be C-3PO

Anytime I ever played Star Wars with the kids, they'd always make me be C-3PO. I guess I'm good at accents-or maybe gloomy and fussy.

I'm a Star Wars purist, if that's possible since the last 3 movies. I don't want the Luke's mixing with the Grievous'. But my son doesn't care as long as there's battle, mayhem, and monsters involved.

If you want to win your son's lifelong affection, you will get on your knees every once in a while with an action figure in each hand and blow his mind by twisting his usual star wars plot in an unexpected way. "Those are rebel ships firing at us. We're being attacked by our own people!" etc.

It also helps to still have a small case of action figures from your own childhood, sitting on a closet shelf with the glowing aura of The Holy Grail about it...and, of course, a flair for comic relief.

"We're doomed."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Big Hunks of Raw Meat

I've been cooking since I married, before that my specialty was cheese toast, but I work off a budget and lean more towards veggies, so I've never been a big-hunk-of-raw-meat-kind-of-person. It's okay for ordering at a restaurant served up all clean and charred and un- animalish. But looking at something raw, for food, the size of my dog's leg (thanks, Karrie, for the visual) isn't necessary. I'm fine with peasant food, beans and cornbread or taco soup, every night. But my husband and children like it, so I serve it up...just not usually pork.

I'm not on a kosher diet, but when an entire nation fears a meat for being nasty, it begs consideration. I made pork loin (on a crazy cheap sale, which also begs consideration) with onion, garlic, apples and garden sage. It must have been good because the first night we ate it, the whole family gave me the grunting sounds of feasting carnivores as a sign of approval. I feel so Leave it to Beaver, though we're probably closer to channelling Roseanne.
Do you have any idea how many pictures there are on the internet of people eating giant turkey legs? Now don't get me started on scrapple...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Complete with Fringe

So this is the final result. Not bad for maybe $20 altogether.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What A Fake!

It's a fake. My Fake-a-gamo. Here's the story behind this knock-off pattern and where to find it. It's only been on my list for a couple of years. So, I hauled it to every team practice, every car line at the school, every visit or restaurant trip, in case I had a chance to knit a few.

I just cut a bamboo bean pole and sanded the ends to make the handles - a couple of bucks.

This is my knitting zen face.

It's full of stuff and still holding it's shape- this isn't going to be one of those "object d'art" knits. It will be completely usable!

Okay, this is like letting someone look through my messy closet. The stitching isn't the world's finest, because I'm not the world's finest seamstress. The stitches are only visible from the outside in a few places, which was hard to do given the holes in the knitting on the row I needed to sew the lining on.
Anyway, it's lined with a pretty sale remnant and the stitching is okay if you blur your eyes to look at it.

I probably would have sewn the very bottom of the handle flaps down if I were more confident with my skilz.

But look at my skilz!

The curly fringe is still in limbo until I decide if I want it. Now that actually looks like an object d'art.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Why Be Extreme?

This is is another one of those things I should've done when I was younger, so I've gotta do it now. This is also called a k kick in taekwondo and it's my newest trick. I'm not as good as this guy. But it's all in preparation for an extreme free form at our upcoming Taekwondo tournament. I should feel grateful to be doing a cartwheel. But no, got to go bigger.

Today was the first day I made it all the way through my 1.5 minute form without getting too winded to finish. I KNOW!- I'm 35. I KNOW!- I have fallen arches. I KNOW!- my back is temperamental. I KNOW! But I've gotta do this. It's just a goal I set two years ago when I was a white belt- like jumping off of the high dive before I graduated. And I know I can. In fact, had I not over trained in the past, this would've been a piece of cake. But as it is, I do a very long warmup then ease into it. And it does feel great to move so freely.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Texas Knitter

Nippy air! This is what Texas knitters wait for, sweating under skeins of wool the other 9 months of the year. Of course the fact that I'm decked out in scarves, hats, and mittens and it's only 68 degrees may make me a baby, but those knits are finally getting some play!

This is one I knit a few years ago from a great pattern book. Knit for a wedding, it isn't too overpowering in mildly cool weather, so I pulled it out for church this morning. Who would ever guess the pattern book cost more than the sweater. The mohair blend yarn was from a chain hobby store and just a few bucks a skein. Good deal, Lucille.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Once a Tomboy...

When I was little everyone called me a tomboy. I wanted to wear my brother's castoffs, run, play sports, and fight boys (I never did that.) I would have loved nothing better than to be on a team like the one above (my son's.) Does he even know how blessed he is to get the opportunity to play with mostly the same boys for years? Growing up together, clicking along as a team. It's really hard to watch and not yell into the video camera, recording my hick voice for posterity. I'm sure the boys LOVE that.

As an adult, I get lots of teamwork. But not so much teamplay. So I take every opportunity I can get. (Like this impromptu volleyball game in Ayaviri.)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Such a Handy Man

Since I have soap on the brain (and all over the kitchen table and top of the refridgerator) I thought I'd post a thank you to Adam, my handyman, for making me these soap molds.
"Thank You."
Not that he'll ever read it. I think the whole craft community blogging thing weirds him out. I told him it's like jotting down quick notes about stuff I see, do, or make, or want to see, do, or make, and how to see, do, or make it. Why wouldn't that interest him?

They have nifty little latches for opening the end to push the loaf out and cut, using the edge of the box as a guide for nice straight bars. Of course I don't do this. I just turn it over, dump it, and "eye" it. I'm a free- wheelin', wild kind of stay-at-home soap maker.

The Not- So-Great- Pumpkin

I tried pumpkin pie soap once already and it got to trace before I could get pretty little swirls of spice in it. So this is my second attempt. I re-use HEB sacks for my liner. I have to shave the ends, but its free.

When I poured it into the mold I knew it was too thick and lumpy. But I went ahead and insulated so it could harden overnight. Good night little soap.

Bluchk! I guess I could re-batch it. I've never done that. This is the fanciest thing I've tried so far.

This is a pic of the first batch. It is usable. Though not marbled, it is thoroughly mixed with a not- ugly look about it. Plus it smells so much like pumpkin pie that I get hungry every time I walk past the curing bars. At least we'll eat it. I just said "eat it" didn't I?

Huh... novelty soaps...I swear.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I Love Small Towns

It's fall in Texas I love living in a small town, even if it wants to be a "bigger" deal than it is. I watch the same parades with the same high school marching band football "fight" song. Winners of the same pageants throw candy from convertibles along with the dance schools, local businesses, and a police car with lights flashing, all down the same crowded little street curbs I watched from as a child, and I love it. Even after reading this book over the summer. I can't help it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Where's Granny's Greens in 'Possum Fat Recipe When I Need it?

We have mustard greens.

Just realized I've never cooked mustard greens before.