Friday, November 13, 2009

Fair Isle, You So Crazy!

I did it! I'm doing this fair isle pattern. I expected to have already thrown it across the room a few times, going a bit more insane with each row, but I love it! It's crazy -in a good way. I figured you have to be a little intense to do this kind of knitting, but guess not. And if it fits, I think it will look really sharp.

Changed the color scheme up because I have to look at these tedious little yarn strands for a long time, so they'd better be my favorite colors. And with the madness of six different yarn balls hanging from my piece all at once, dogs present, and dog hair ever-present, I had to put each ball in an old mesh produce bag to keep strings from entangling.

I Don't think I'll be taking this one to work on in lobbies and such, not unless I want to look a little driven.

1 comment:

  1. These colors are really beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished project...