Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Feral Christmas

He was once an emaciated tom with a huge fluffy head (hence the name "Brain.") Though he's not succumbed to my cat whisperings yet, he has started taking his meals a respectful distance from me on the front porch.

Last night was my first night to cover plants this winter. I put out a cardboard box to cover Brain, but it was just sad-looking. So this is my new and improved cat shelter. A cooler with a piece of faux fleece inside. (I know straw is best, but where am I going to get straw this late at night...or ever?)

It's really small, but all our local grocery had. If he will even consider enclosing himself in something, I'll do a big rubbermade house. Then the tackiness of my front porch will be complete.

Though I'm doubtful he will be so domesticated, it made me feel better to know he had a little house with a cheap Christmas tree too.

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