Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Insert Cliche About Grapevines Here

This is the budding of my grapevine. (The one I've kept languishing in a tiny pot from Lowes for 3 years before finally planting it last summer.) It means I'd better prune it soon.

This is the long, tangled mess it became in a year because I have no idea how to prune one.

This is the website I turned to for help.

This is my vine after I cut off the other canes, leaving one that was positioned well by the arbor. It will grow into a trunk. I have it tied to arbor at 30 '' height for the lower set of arms to bud out from on either side. Then again at 60'' for the upper set.

I really don't think this arbor is sturdy enough to support a maturing vine. I think it's going to crumble. Most things I read recommend wire. I don't even know if I have enough space for grapes right here. Oh well, that's all I got.

It did sneak up on me.

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