Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Moth

Drawn to light, but rarely settling enough to savor it. Not self-destructive, just sometimes self- defeating.

I can move through life, craving more, but not stay in one place long enough to experience it. The last year has been an effort to slow down.

(365 Day 108 Photo)

But, I do like blur. It implies a moving story. Or change. I think in blur and remember in it too.

If I capture light in a photo the way I capture a moment or memory, particularly a difficult one, in my mind, it will likely be distorted this way.
I like me better this way, if I can get the lesson from that time in my life without the harsh edge in my memory.

Even wonderful times in my life (when all I had to do was play with my little children all day, and when I was a girl) are a bit fuzzier, no- softer, each year.

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  1. Love the analogy of the moth. Nice photos to accompany it.