Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Bits

(365 Day 137 Photo)

I used to groom dogs. Then, when we first married and money was tight (when is it ever not tight?) I looked at my husbands curly poodle-esque hair and thought, "I could scissor cut that."

(on my Flickr)

and I could. From that point on, I bought some clippers for the price of one cut and I became our barber. I checked out a book at the library for support before taking the plunge and cutting my daughters hair. It always looked fine, but an hour long bob is a little much for any child to bear.

So, I stick with the boys.

There are tons of sites about how to do one style of cut or another: layered, retro, Josh Holloway (?) But we don't go there or we might channel Weird Al.

I retired that set of clippers this week, after 12 years of use, rare oilings, and zero maintenance. I hardly ever even took the blades apart.

Aren't these new ones just too happy?

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