Thursday, August 19, 2010


I hate our main bathroom. I know the world is full of real problems, so I don't indulge this thought beyond a mere feeling when I enter that room.
A feeling like my soul dying.

It's the size of a closet with hard water stains in the shape of butterflies in the tub, rotten flooring under layers of grungy linoleum, mismatched brass and chrome, white toilet/off white sink, poor lighting (thank goodness), mildewed caulking, dingy, peeling wallpaper, warped cabinets...need I say more?

I've known what I wanted for years. Something in keeping with an old home and small bathroom. But there was no point wasting a dime until we were ready to start from the floor up. And after pricing the tub I wanted, we knew we weren't ready.

Then, on my way home from coffee with my dad, I spotted this in a neighbor's front yard, brand new and for sale. It was a fourth of the typical price.

So for now it sits in the garage (another soul killing mess.) But, the Day of Reckoning is at hand!

(365 Day 225)


  1. I have tub envy! this is beautiful.

  2. Ha! I can't believe we have this! Another one of those miracles, I guess.