Monday, February 28, 2011


Weeded, spread, and planted all by myself.  My kids thought they would melt in the sprinkling mist- still waiting for them to catch the "garden bug."  But that's okay because my husband came home that night with tacos and spinach dip at the exact moment I finished a hot bath.  And I got to use my Ravelry "Ripped/Frogged" glasses for the first time.  

Speaking of knitting, I figured out how I wanted to do the sleeve caps of my daughter's sweater and have one sleeve to go.   All is right in my world.

 (day 55)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Evening Light, Straight Out of the Camera least I think it's straight out of  the camera.  After reading a rather heated debate on Flickr groups about what is SOOC and what isn't, I'm wondering if I'll be tarred and feathered for not knowing all the functions on my "new" camera.

But, lately I've been trying to leave my photos alone and let them be what they will.  Obviously not all of them (Remember the acid trip tree?), but some.   I keep meaning to learn more post processing tricks, but get bored after adjusting exposure, contrast, and prefab edits like the "retro, grainy, cross- processed, rounded corner, fuzzy, abomination" setting.
 I still haven't found a "talented" setting.

I want to take more beautiful photographs that were just born that way with a click.   At least that's what I want today.
 (day 53)
 (in my Flickr)
Like it's photo, this vine has been left alone to do what it will all winter.  It needs to be pruned, to be fruitful, but not just yet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Over Myself

 I just can't seem to.  Self portraits, that is.  I just thought that phase in my life was over.  It's not so much that I love them, but more because no one in my family is available or willing to be in a photo before late in the evening.   They can be difficult.  Yesterday one of my children listed helping me with a 365 picture as one of the sacrifices they make for me out of kindness.  Gee, thanks.  It isn't like I make anyone pose for 30 minutes.  We're talking 2 minutes, tops.

If it's going to have a human in it, it's probably going to be me.  Sorry, world.  I could always do more street photography, which I love.   As long as it's not my street or there'd be a lot of this.  Actually, I wish we had that.  It's really more like this, minus the pretty surroundings.

So, here I am, contemplating the future of my garden, in all of my messy-haired glory as I take "the picture" before the kids get home from school.  It was a perfect, breezy, 68 degrees.

 (day 52)

Old Inspiration

Sentimentality clutters.
I know because at least once a year I have to force myself to winnow through stacks of books, papers, and future projects so that my husband can't say he's the neat one.  We all need goals.

 I considered tackling the dreaded bookshelf in my bedroom that I've taken over with double stacked knitting books, discontinued magazines ("But, they're collector's items!"), tattered catalogs from the days before internet shopping, and ripped out pages of home ideas-  many from before I had children... or a home.

There's the Pottery Barn, from something like 2000, that is coveted by many.  Yes, I said covet.   I have three years worth of Domino (yay) and a few completely perfect Anthropologie's from 2004-2006.  By completely perfect I mean that there is not one stinker of an item in them.   Speaking of perfection, isn't Rowan Magazine just beautiful?  My favorite is Number 36 from Autumn of 2004.   I literally feel six years younger as I turn the dog-eared pages.  It's the same with JCrew.  I have one of their older winter catalogs simply for the brightly colored sweater and scarf combinations.  No matter how cliche the catalog is, I feel twenty when I look through those.

This is not just indiscriminate hoarding.  There's two notebooks of ripped Cottage Living/ Living/ Better Homes magazine pages that I've saved ten years waiting for things like our now finished bathroom remodel, for which they were actually used.   I regularly use a picture from Lucky every time I get my hair cut.  My stylist laughs at my ancient page preserved under a plastic sheet protector.

What about the image of a lilac colored ballerina sweater from  an Anthropologie that was so beautiful, but so expensive, it inspired me to learn to knit.   I've made several things inspired by their catalogs, including the Sugar Plum Fairy necklaces from a few years back, and liked mine better.  I have endless food and garden ideas, and when I try them, my family always loves it.  The design of our garden is similar to one I saved from a Mother Earth News.  That, my dear, is useful clippings.

So, there is a practical purpose to all of this collecting.  But even if there wasn't what's wrong with being sentimental about the things you once loved.  I mean, it's not like people have to weave through a maze of stacked paper products all through my house, it's just a shelf or two... and a basket... and under the bed.

It doesn't hurt to save them, since my magazine buying days ended with a growing family's budget and  a high speed internet subscription.
  (my Flickr)

This post got me thinking.
I never did finish cleaning that shelf.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here's Random for You

What is this doing in my photostream?  

We were given free tickets to see my very first Monster Truck Jam.  Why have I never done this before?  

Oh, yeah, I remember- I hate loud noises (unless its a really good song) and I'm not much into trucks.  But this is Texas and these were "good" seats with pit passes, so there we sat on the front row with our little blue earplugs firmly wedged in our ears, next to guys who spent most of the show in the beer line and the girl who danced and screamed for a free t-shirt.  

We actually laughed a lot.  I realized how old I was when I felt cross at the loudness and the toddlers who were there without earplugs.  I realized how mature my daughter had become as she cringed with me over the boy doing dirt bike stunts.  I think she even realized it when I told her I went to high school with Dancing Girl.  
But it was fun.  As one truck after another broke down, I couldn't help but think of my dad and his coffee buddies riding their lawn mowers around the track instead.  Guess I'm not that grown up.    

 (52 weeks of ttv, week 7)
 (day 50)

And my daughter caught the t-shirt.

Black and White Daily Life

These have been hanging around in my camera.  Thought I'd share.
 (day 47)

(day 51)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Domestic Still Life

Today, I'm indulging in all the color I can find indoors.   

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Ain't We Got Fun

In case you're bored and desperately in need of ideas for something inexpensive and fun to do with your family:

There's always a bike ride to DQ for some space-age, plastic-polymer-softly served goodness.
(biking to DQ, day 49)

If that's not quite the good time you had in mind, you could always earn some extra credit by sewing a mole for your chemistry class.  That's right, a mole.  (Read this site if you thought you were bored.) Kind of like a Build-a-Bear workshop for AP science nerds.  

Of course, it doesn't hurt to give it a little personality.
 (Mole-poleon Dynamite)

Or you could just watch America's Funniest Home Video re-runs.

Pretty Much a Photo Unload

This is pretty much just a photo unload:

It's Just a Phase

I'm a fairly moderate person.  I don't usually overindulge in anything.  Except for chocolate cakes when I was pregnant and that week in which my husband had time off and we spent a few days watching a few seasons of Medium all daylong, to catch up.  

But, sometimes, it's fun to do something you like over and over until you're sick of it, like kids do when they play on a merry-go-round.  They think, "more, more, faster, faster!" Then, when everyone is either walking in a dizzy stupor or trying not to throw up, you can return to being the bastion of self-controlled moderation.  

 (day 38)

That's where I am with the lensbaby.  It's already on the camera and I'm in a hurry to "get that photo of the day over with" anyway, so I'm using it to death.  

Then as if all the blur and focus weren't enough, I've been playing around with Gimp and feel this need to take the saturation to obscene levels the way you'd drown ice cream in hot fudge sauce.  It's over kill, but it is fun.  Like this picture.  I liked it before.  But the after looks like the colors in an O.P. iron on t-shirt from the 80's. 
I can't seem to help myself, but I don't intend to inflict much of this onto the blog/Flickr world.  I need to find a Flickr group that likes to take a photo almost to the brink of ruin with post processing.  
(my Flickr)
 It's just a phase, anyway.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You know it's been a hard couple of weeks when there's lots of shoe pictures.  

It makes me think of that line in "Lost in Translation" where Scarlett Johanssen says she went through that period all girls go through where they take dumb pictures of their feet.  Maybe I'm making up for lost time.   At least it documents what we've actually been doing to some degree. 

These last pics are of Valentine's.  We went for a drive and parked.  Not that kind of park, silly.  We brought food to the park, listened to the cd I made of some of our favorite songs, and talked.    Apparently, lots of couples had the same idea because we saw plenty pull up as we were leaving and several getting into the backseat... to watch a movie.  

Married couples and their cheap dates. But, it really was fun.

 (pointe, day 36)

  (Give My Regards to Broadway, day 44)

(valentine, day 45)

Speaking of shoes, I found these on sale and they give me such a feeling of nostalgia for my early twenties, that I had to save my pennies to buy them.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Mixtape

Remember when if you liked someone, you gave them a mixtape of songs you thought they would like or songs you liked that you hoped they would like too, etc?  Well I never did that.  I made a zillion mixtapes for myself and my friends to listen to, but never one for a boy I liked.  (Except the time I made one for a friend in the hospital and when he got out, he said he loved me.  Whoops, I should have known better than to play around with mixtape juju.)

Anyway, that's my card to my husband: a mix playlist for his flash drive and itunes.  It isn't quite the labor of love it once was when you had to wait for the song to come onto the radio, start the boombox recorder, and stop before the dj cut in.  Even when I upgraded to dual cassette players it was more of a challenge than "click and drag."  So, I made this cd cover as a nod to the old school.   

Here's a sample of my Valentine's playlist: