Thursday, March 17, 2011

Camping, Take Me Away...

These are a few pictures I took from the trail around the lake.  It was early and I had to move to keep warm, but I couldn't help stopping to photograph evry little thing.  It was a little OCD, but I do think I'm getting a better feel for the composer lens and just couldn't quit.   Two hours passed before I realized I'd said I'd be back in 30 minutes.  It was my own little "Calgon" moment.

(on my Flickr)


  1. Looks like such a peaceful, serene place. I love your comment about having a "Calgon moment". I love that you can find those with photography and the outdoors. It's the same for me.

  2. It's true! Then everyone who views your photographs has one too. I know I do when I see yours, Gail.