Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sharpied Saddle Shoes

It's like I have my own pair of back to school shoes.

(Sharpied saddle shoes, day 218)

I tried a fairly quick diy that I'd seen on Bleubird Vintage : Sharpied saddle shoes.  

 These shoes were on sale at Target for $8 so my daughter and I each bought a pair to experiment with.   I toyed with the idea of more colorful shoes, even brown instead of the black.  But in the end, I knew we had plenty of black Sharpies so that's what I opted for.   I didn't even go to as much trouble as James did, though.  To paint around the lace holes I just carefully pressed the marker near them, letting the color bleed to the edge.  I did the same around the stitched rims, pulling the rim that I wanted to stay white away with my left thumb nail as I let the sharpie bleed color up to the edge of it.  
I never used the paint and brush.   So easy.  
I did spray them with a fabric guard that we happened to have around the house once they were dry. 
Now, I want some fresh spirals and new pens. 


  1. This is a really cute idea!

  2. It really was! And it was a minimal investment of time and money if it didn't work out.