Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Petawawa Toque

What's the deal with all of the hats?  I have all of these winter sweater-y plans, with yarn ready in "yarn corner", but I keep side-tracking into hats.  Several were as gifts, and a few were to use up stash.  But I think I must've needed a break from knits I have to stare down at and these hats were the perfect thing.

I knit my first Petawawa for a friend, then immediately cast on one for myself.  It's been finished for some time, but I just didn't get around to photos until I'd finished a third one as a gift for my son's band secret pal.

This is the Petawawa Toque from Good Night Day and, like the others, I used needles sized 4 and 6, working in magic loop.  Magic Loop is definitely the easiest way to keep a project in your purse.  I'd pull it out and work in quick snatches of time.

Obviously, I like the pattern.  I especially like it in tonal yarn.  This Gynx merino worsted in the Spanish Roof colorway is so lovely.  I admired the color shifts all the way through the project.  My other post on this hat is here.

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  1. Such a pretty pattern and color! It really suits you!

  2. That is a wonderful color, and merino is so soft that it's perfect for hats.

  3. Thanks, Rebecca!

  4. Thank you so much! It's a very addictive knit.

  5. It's true! This one, along with another I made in Gynx Yarns, is the softest hat I own. When I first put it on I felt like I'd bumped my knitted accessories up to the next level.