Saturday, January 17, 2015

Things I Did via Instagram

A random assortment of things I did in 2014 via my Instagram feed, and in no particular order:

I stared at dog paws

knitted a lot, duh.

visited with grandpas

 ran through chemicals

 packaged kitties... 

and let them package themselves

chatted with Grandmommy on the porch swing

accidentally dressed like my daughter's twin, a much older looking twin 

laughed with, not at, my husband

felt the greatest sense of peace having all of us together

captured the boy in all of his teenage awkwardness...

 then compared it to his babyhood and felt mopey

learned to eat meat, meat, and more meat for my health; but still haven't done much of the offal thing

entertained doggy guests and made my Grandmommy's secret pecan pie recipe 
that happens to be on the Karo bottle

 visited cousins at a football game and jumped every time the McNeese canon fired

embarrassed a dog

 embraced being a soccer mom

 peered over the shoulder of an artist at work

 plotted and planned more projects

and more projects

  built bonfires too close to the house

and participated in Knitting Books Read-a-longs

(my instagram and flickr)


  1. Instagram is great to share all these moments. It was good to be able to see what you were doing :)

  2. Woollen WildernessJanuary 20, 2015 at 7:38 AM

    What a great collection of images! I wish my cat would finally get that he's supposed to sit in boxes and look cute. Whenever I put a cardboard box near him he just looks at me with disdain, assuring me that sitting in a cardboard box is well beneath him, and only the fluffiest places will meet his requirements.

  3. I love this! That cat in the shoebox... so classic! Also, how tall are your kids?? I've always pictured you as being fairly tall, but they are so much taller than you! I also think that because I'm fairly short (5'3"), I just assume everyone is a lot taller than me.

  4. I completely agree! Even when it's hard to find time to read blogs, I can always scroll thru instagram. I love the little candid sneak peeks into my friends' lives.

  5. Wow, your cat really is people! I'm convinced that my dog and cat have reversed roles. She is very dog-like, carrying her prey (my knitting needles) thru the house in her mouth. He's the one who curls up in my lap like a lap cat.

  6. Ha! Well, I'm somewhere just under 5'8" and my daughter is around 5'11" . My son is closing in on my husband at 6'. It's hard to keep track.