Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Episode 16: How we Connect

This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast.

On my blog:
On Instagram as @mysocalledhandmadelife
On Ravelry as mamatronic:

My question for you:

Have you ever used knitting, or crafting, to cross cultural or social barriers in order to connect with another person?

Stuff I mention in Episode 16:

Intuition shawl by Stacy Elstone:

in her Stress Knits Squishy base, Eliza colorway:

Your wool blend recommendations for summer:




Knit One Crochet Too Elfin Tweed:

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed:

Tegna by Caitlyn Hunter:

Floozy Cardigan by Libby Jonson:

Kit in FloozyYarn:

There's a FloozyKAL:

Summer Sweater KAL:

Our combined "Next sweaters" list:

Guthrie by Caitlyn Hunter:

Meg by Junko Okamoto:

Jelly Donuts by Teresa Gregorio:

My Annie Lupton Driftwood and Seaglass Test knit:

in Knit Picks Hawthorne Multi in Nob Hill (discontinued color):

and Stroll Tonal Pearlescent:

Ready for Fall by Isabell Kraemer:

Mix and Match by the Knitting Expat:

O' Keeffe by Bristol Ivy:

Piper by Libby Jonson:

Wool and Honey by Andrea Mowry:

Timely by Libby Jonson:

and something... anything... Junko:

Thoughts on Connecting via social media:

Melanie of Braid and tinker Podcast:

and Melanie on Instagram:

Just one of many articles about social media protest:

People skills by Robert Bolton:

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg:

And connecting through craft:

Katinka of Aknitak Creations Podcast:

and Katinka on Instagram:

Day One Journal App:

Emilie on Instagram:

and her plastics graphic:

What the heck are soap nuts?:

Lovebird Lane Yarns:

Our Junko Patterns:


The Twigs:

Lee Beret:




Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Episode 15: Honey Extraction

Hillbillly honey gathering and lots of Fall knitting talk:

On my blog:
On Instagram as @mysocalledhandmadelife:
On Ravelry:

Questions I have for you, these are easy ones:

What wool blends have you used and enjoyed?

What is your next sweater project going to be?

Stuff I mention in Episode 15: Honey Extraction

Junko June and July KAL

Plum by Junko Okamoto:

Knit in Moeke Yarns, Elena base:

Igawa by Junko Okamoto:

Rug by Junko Okamoto:

Lee Beret by Junko Okamoto:

Giveaway donation by Lovebird Lane Yarns:

Book, Podcasts, App, Song, and Site recommendations:

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin:

Also, Gretchen's Happier Podcast:

Book stand for knitting and reading bliss:

Ice Cream for Breakfast:

Recommended by Melanie of the Braid and Tinker Podcast:

Day One Journal App:

Muzzle of Bees by Wilco:

AKC Rally competition for dogs:

And someone's video of a Rally testing:

Backyard Beekeeping:

Knit for Peace:

Fantastic CBC Radio episode on Sagas of the Icelanders:

The Sagas of Icelanders:

Dagmar's 28th Great- Grandfather, Egil!!!:

Test Knit: Intuition Shawl will be released soon by Stacy of StressKnits Yarn:

Stress Knits Yarn Squishy Base, Eliza colorway:

My Muddlings Podcast:

Warm Weather Knitting:

Mae by Andrea Mowry:

in Berroco Remix Light:

PomPom Quarterly Issue 25:

Judoka byLia Moya:

Herrera by Paula Pereira:

Bayadere by Lori Versaci:

to be knit in Classic Elite Song:

My Julia sweater was knit in a 50/50 Classic Elite yarn too:

Dana does lots of projects, even stranded colorwork, in summer weight yarns:

In thinking about the Summer Sweater Knit-along in Very Shannon Forum:

Guthrie by Caitlin Hunter:

in Wool of the Andes Sport:

and Spincycle Dyed in the Wool, Mississippi Marsala:

Great Northern on Ravelry (though not all the patterns have been entered in the data base yet, they are all in the ebook):

Based on styles from Twin Peaks (season 1 is my favorite) here's a blog post on it:

And another post:

Lonely Souls by Teresa Gregorio:

Cherry Pie by Teresa Gregorio:

From Another Place by Leah Coccari-Swift:

Jelly Donuts by Teresa Gregorio:

Stag Wall Hanging by Teresa Gregorio: