Thursday, February 24, 2022

Episode 52: Sneaky Extra


This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast.
on instagram as @mysocalledhandmadelife

My question for you is still have you ever un-knit, recycled yarn to make something different? How did it go? Would you be interested in a Recycle, reknit, reuse KAL?

Stuff I mention in Episode 52:
The Fisherman's Muse by Ailbíona McLochlainn:

Knit in Höner och Eir Nutiden:
Caroline's Fisherman's Muse:

Guilloche Pullover by Ailbíona Mc Lochlainn:

knit in Knit Picks Hawthorne fingering in The Pearl:

Knit in Barker Wool (BFL DK and Gossamer, both in Olivine):

To knit in Fern base in Joy and Violet Vale:

Two of Wands site:
knit Hue & Me yarn, in Arrowwood and Salt:

knit in graduate scarf leftovers 

Things I knit with recycled yarn:
Simcoe Braided Headband by Tara Lynn Morrison:

May do for a Recycled KAL:

My Eastwood Cardigan by Allyson Dykhuizen:

knit in Dirty Water Dyeworks clara:
and Wool of the Andes Tweed tin Flagstone heather: 

Some reads:

Monday, February 21, 2022

Episode 51:

Episode 51: Hopeful is about my Hope Sweater, A Hint of Summer, knitting the Graduate Scarf and responding to some comments in Episode 49 that are now over a year old and not so timely.       


This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. 

Don't forget the giveaway. I'm giving a copy of the Hope Sweater to one of you who answer the prompt below in the first 3 days or so after I post the video. Leave your Rav name or email in comment.

My question for you: Have you ever recycled yarn and re-knit or re-crocheted an item? How did it work out? Any tips? Would you be interested in a recycle and Reknit KAL?

Stuff I mention in Episode 51: 

knit in Wool of the Andes Sport in Midnight heather and Sagebrush:

an Igaia Knits episode about Hope Sweater:

A Hint of Summer from Isabell Kraemer:

knit in yarn by Christie Archer Designs:

Christie's vlog episode with all her 2021 knits:

Two of Wands blog with many free patterns:

knit in Hue & Me in Arrowwood and Salt:

My Rory Needs a Break Scarf (a Gilmore Girls-inspired knit):

Sister Mountain's awesome blog for designing:

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Episode 50: So Much Hue and Me


Episode 50: So Much Hue & Me is where I show a LOT of Alexandra Tavel projects I've knit over the last two years.

Find me on My So-Called Handmade Life.

On Instagram as @mysocalledhandmdelife:

On Ravelry as mamatronic:

My question for you: What changes have happened in your life over the last year or so?

Stuff I talk about in Episode 50:

A year full of Alexandra Tavel projects, knit in Lion Brand's Hue and Me yarn, except where noted.

Alexandra Tavel's site:

Campfire Blanket Scarf:

knit in Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool:

Harvest Throw:

Illusionist Infinity Scarf:

Seafarer's Cap:

Sophie Bucket Hat:

Knit in Go for Faux yarn:

Easton Striped Pullover:

Keaton Vest:

Crossbody Canteen Bag:

Knit in Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton: