Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Makin' It

It's been a busy week of making Christmas gifts.   As I was clicking the mouse to arrange the same pictures differently for calendars over and over, or wrapping wire to make the same charm over and over, or knitting the same sweater with the same yarn over and over, I realized I was singing the same song in my head, over and over.

(bookmarked, 365 day 346)

That's something my mom used to do.  As a girl it just made me roll my eyes that she had a chorus ready for every situation.  But here I am singing, "Makin' It" as I make bookmark charms and lengthen sweater sleeves.  Changing lyrics like "breakin' these chains" to "makin' these chains", etc.

And like I once was, my kids are hearing songs on the radio and realizing that lyrics like "Mama pajama" weren't really about me, that Dolly Parton never sang about Go Lean cereal but about "Jolene."

(365 day 345)

Wow, this is almost painful.


  1. Sweet story. I still LOVE that bird nest necklace. And the green sweater is amazing. You do good work! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!

  2. Thanks Louisiana Belle! You too!
    Beth I want to turn away but can't. His moves are hypnotizing!