Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vinyl Goodness

I think it all started with the Fisher Price record player.  You know, the one that played: "Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?"  Later, I had one like this.  I remember being nine and dancing around my room on Sunday afternoons to Duran Duran or the J. Geils Band 45's.   I still have those records, plus albums from Recycled Books and Records, my mother's Herb Alpert collection, and Goodwill.   Goodwill is the strange and varied lp Mecca.   Proof below.

Anyway, I finally ordered a used lp of Queen Elvis, one of my favorite records in high school.  Since my last cassette player ate the tape I conveniently forgot to return to a classmate (sorry,) I was having Hitchcock withdrawals.   It's serious nostalgia, with a little bit of silliness, that I needed back in my life.   

Behold the discontinued,  British, vinyl goodness.

 (vinyl goodness, day 33)


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