Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Purple Friday

You know, like Purple Tuesdays... only not.

There is just way too much purple on my memory card these days.  It's all due to my daughter attending a high school that is slightly akin to a cult.  Where the drama of life and death unfold on the "Indian" football field.  Where season tickets are willed to family members upon death, and where "Cut me!  I bleed purple."  is heard at least once a week during the fall.  

I wasn't exactly "Miss School Spirit" back when I was a teenager.  I must have slept through the pep rallies because I don't even remember them.  I never wore purple on Fridays- it didn't even occur to me.  I was definitely in my own world.  I did, however, learn the fight song in French, which you can imagine has taken me far in life. I think I can count on one hand how many football games I attended back then.  But now I'm at most of them, squinting through glasses to find the ball.  I even know what a "down" is.  

I'm there for my girl, but I also love to people watch and it doesn't get any better than grown men half-crying/ half-screaming in THE most southern accent you will find, "Come on D!!!"

So without further explanation or disclaimers, I present a bit of my Friday nights.  

(You can't have Friday without Dairy Queen, day 255)

 the marching "I"

So, I guess I officially have "school spirit" (this has to be said with a lisp, don't ask me why)  because I'm finally a season ticket holder.  Each Friday I don my purple and white rasta hat and move my arm up and down like a tomahawk while chanting with the rest of the crowd when the game is tight.  Once in a while the people around me might even hear a few words in French:
 "Scalpez Indians, Scalpez!"   

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