Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIY Pet Clocks

Here's an ancient draft I thought I'd finally publish:  DIY pet clocks.  I made these as Christmas gifts for several members of my family.  They went over very well.  My father has the one of his pug, Mr. C, hanging in a place of prominence in his living room, where the eyes can follow you no matter where you're sitting.

If you haven't seen the original blog post on these on A Beautiful Mess, check it out.  Here are my crazies below.  I did a cruel thing to Spotticus.  I asked if he wanted to go on a walk so he would give this look that he always gives when I ask that.  We fixed them where they hang on the wall, all cock-eyed like that.  I did walk him... eventually.

The stuff: 8 x 10 photos, glue, clock parts, foam board, an exacto knife, and nail polish.  
I ordered the clock parts from Orange County Clocks on Amazon.  The glue was Elmers, but if you really want your image to last you would cover it in a Mod Podge formulated for photographs.  The nail polish was just cheap stuff from Walgreens.  

First, I glued their faces to the foam board so they could be drying as I worked on the rest of the project.  

I laid out all of the clock parts that would be visible to paint with the polish.  The styrofoam they were packed in was useful for holding the hands in place so I could paint them without smudging.

Next, I used my very, very dull exact knife (you don't want a dull knife) to cut out the photos.  I had printed up a few extra in case the foam board broke on one.

All that was left was deciding where we wanted the clock parts to pierce the photos and assembling them as directed.  I decided not to include the dots for 3,6,9, and 12.  It was too distracting.

And now I'm just being silly.

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  1. I love these. 90% of the photos of my pets are made by waving my hand at them or promising 'walkies' to get that cute expression.

  2. Those pet clocks are lovely. I'm sure they are loved as presents.

  3. What a great idea! I want one of my lovebird! :)

  4. Those are so adorable!

  5. Ha! They force us to do it, right? I get mine to quit barking at the neighbor by saying, "treaties."

  6. Thank you, Elena! I don't know about everyone, but my dad loves his dog clock and both my kids use theirs. That's enough of a success for me.

  7. How great would that be?! You could get an extra large print made at a copy store so he'd be big enough. I keep imagining making ones of people I know wearing some of their weird expressions on their faces.

  8. Thanks, Vanessa!