Sunday, July 19, 2020

Episode 49: What would normal people do?

I show you all my Wyeth Pullover, a couple crocheted bags, lovely test knit stripes, and share your thoughts on Imposter Syndrome and lockdown lessons. 

Also, I probably didn't edit this down enough, but I wanted to get it up and invite viewers to the #LoveYourNeighborMAL on instagram ASAP.

*****Join the #LoveYourNeighborMAL !!! ******July 20-Aug 2:

Grand Prize is Drive In Movie by Norichan Knits:
and Yarn from Fully Spun:

The inspiration for the Make-along name (but you don't have to be religious to participate :))

My question for you: How do you feel about the monetization of crafting? Do you let luxe yarn turn you off or do you find an alternative? Does everything about your craft seem t have a steeper price tag on it and is this healthy capitalism or not? I'm interested.

Stuff I mention in Episode 49: 

knit in Patons Classic Worsted, Jade Heather color:

Crossbody Canteen Bag by Alexandra Tavel:

knit in Nutiden Yarns by Honer och Eir:

Pippen Test Knit by Tamy Gore:

Lace Sweater "Villanelle" by Olga Grishina:
knit in Berroco Remix Light, natural color:

Christie Archer Design: 

Links on Imposter Syndrome:
Possible solutions?:
an IS quiz:
Tavi Gevinson's thoughts on it:
Heidi Gustaad's thoughts on it:

Cool Summer Knits I love but probably won't get around to making: 
Coatlicue -Sandra Guiterrez:

Sunwake -Wencke Pertermann:

Günes - Ezgi Tandoğan Onat:

Argil - Clare Lakewood:
with lindy chain in Holly Berry and Conch

Into the wild- Alexandra Tavel:

Zig Zag Summer by Nomad Stitches:

Sustainable making links:
Making Stories Issue 1 article by Rhiannon Owens:
Aja Barber on sustainable fashion and less stuff:


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