Saturday, March 5, 2022

Episode 53: Recycle Reknit Remake

Episode 53: Recycle Reknit Remake
This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast.

In this episode I plot my rip out and remake projects. I also share your recycled knit ideas and show the most affordable boucle sweater. My husband joins us in a grainy phone video to talk about the bookshelves he made.


My question for you: We are having a knit/make-along so let me know what you will make and leave suggestions for recycled projects here for everyone else.

My Birch by Pam Allen:
from Plain and Simple:
knit in Patons Classic Wool in Moss Heather and Aran: 

to knit in Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn: 

Things to reknit:
My Oh My Bear Sweater by Tiny Owl Knits:

Things to recycle with old yarn:
by Good Night Day knits, Durand Cowl:
(Already made by Good Night Day):

To totally remake:
Possible sweater to mittens method:
Easier Sweater to mittens method:

Couldn't find Ashley Martineau's  Recycling Sweaters blog post, but here's her youtube version:
and her whole process video:
My old blog post bout reading Ashley's now-defunct blog post on it:

T shirt yarn rug- Circle of Fun Rug- Modern Daily Knitter:

Boxy V-neck Vest by Katya Gorbacheva:
 knit in Ella Rae Eco Tweed: 
Louise's Awesome Reknit on instagram:

MWAWoodworks on youtube:

Your RecycleReknitRemake ideas: Give them away, felt pieces and sew together, use sweater yarn to reknit in another size or another pattern, cut t-shirts into yarn to knit or crochet into something, use recycled yarn for weavings that allow for yarn weight differences, can felt the woven pieces too, use old unfelted sweaters for laptop cozy, cushions, bags or mittens.

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